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Malignancy and Cause of Death

Morris animal Foundation


This download includes one CSV file

  • study_endpoints.csv

Study Endpoints

Internal system used to track malignancies and cause of death information. Data collected from medical records and diagnostics is included. Additional malignancy information reported on veterinarian questionnaires can be found in the Conditions Neoplasia section of Data Commons.

All diagnoses are ranked on a scale of 1 to 3 with a status of presumptive, definitive or final depending on how confident the diagnosis is:

  • Tier 1: Definitive or final diagnosis. Microscopically confirmed via histology or cytology by a board-certified pathologist.
  • Tier 2: Presumptive diagnosis. Diagnosis via visualization or imaging without microscopic confirmation.
  • Tier 3: Presumptive diagnosis. Based on clinical suspicion only.
Variable Descriptions
Variable Description
subject_id Dog's unique identifier.
year_in_study Year in study the diagnosis occurred collected.
diagnosis_year_month Year and month diagnosis occurred in.
tracked_condition Malignancy or cause of death.
phenotype Malignancy phenotype (if applicable).
status Status of diagnosis.
tier_of_confidence Tier of confidence.
is_cause_of_death Is this the cause of death?
is_recurrence* Is this a recurrence of a malignancy?
is_adjudicated Has this malignancy been confirmed by multiple pathologists?

*Cancer, phenotype and location must all match for a diagnosis to be considered a recurrence

Please note: The 'Malignancy and Cause of Death' data is collected from an internal tracking system. The 'Conditions - Neoplasia' data is collected from the Annual Veterinarian Questionnaire, Additional Veterinarian Visit Questionnaire, Malignancy Related Questionnaire and Death and Necropsy Related Questionnaire. If you are interested in all malignancies diagnosed throughout the study, please also review the data from the 'Conditions - Neoplasia' dataset.


Data is available through study year 7 due to embargo period


Chinedu a. Eze

This is an interesting dataset for malignancy case build up.