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golden retrievers with blurred landscape background

What kind of data is available?

Data Commons provides global access to historical data from the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study cohort, covering 11 key subject areas: activity, behavior, dental, disease diagnoses, diet, environment, grooming, geographical locations, medications, physical exams and reproduction. 

The data currently available includes the C-BARQ behavior questionnaire, veterinary-reported conditions and diagnoses, environmental conditions in and around the home, washing and grooming habits, reproductive history, physical exam results, and dental care information. This is reported as individual study year data or summary data. Summary data are found using the “Data through Study Year” option while individual year data are found using the “Data for Study Year” option. For optional text included in responses you must download data for each study year individually. In both the summary and individual year format each row represents an individual dog while each column represents the outcome or variable being measured.