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What data is collected and at what time frequencies? (What is the overall study design?)

There is questionnaire data completed by owners and veterinarians as well as samples and clinical pathology data collected. Below is a graphic explaining what a study year looks like for each participant.

Data timeline

The Annual Owner Questionnaire is available from one month prior to the anniversary date until 10 months after the anniversary date, but most owners complete the questionnaire within one month of their anniversary date. Once the owner completes the questionnaire, a kit for sample collection is sent to them. They take this kit to their veterinarian who collects samples for clinical pathologic processing and biorepository storage. The typical time between Annual Owner Questionnaire completion and Study Visit is one month. The veterinarian is able to complete the Annual Veterinarian Questionnaire any time after the Study Visit is completed. There is no requirement surrounding this time frame, but we encourage veterinarians to fill it out as soon as they are able, ideally prior to the next Study Visit.  All questions are phrased to ask about diagnoses and medications in the 12 months preceding the Study Visit.