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Conditions - Endocrine

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Conditions - Endocrine

Endocrine conditions diagnosed per study year.

Variable Descriptions
Variable Description
subject_id Dog's unique identifier.
relationship_category All conditions reported are for the study dog.
year_in_study Year in study the data was collected.
record_date* Date of questionnaire submission.
to_date** 0 - Reported conditions diagnosed only in that study year.
1 - All reported conditions diagnosed from baseline through that study year.
any 0 - No conditions diagnosed.
1 - At least one condition diagnosed.
addisons_disease 1 - Condition diagnosed.
autoimmune_thyroiditis 1 - Condition diagnosed.
cushings_disease 1 - Condition diagnosed.
diabetes_insipidus 1 - Condition diagnosed.
diabetes_mellitus 1 - Condition diagnosed.
hyperadrenalestrogenism 1 - Condition diagnosed.
hypercalcemia 1 - Condition diagnosed.
hypothyroidism 1 - Condition diagnosed.
pancreatic_insufficiency 1 - Condition diagnosed.
other 1 - Other condition diagnosed.
other_specify Specify other condition diagnosed.

*Multiple record dates represent multiple questionnaire submissions in a study year. Questionnaires where conditions are reported include: Annual Veterinarian Questionnaire, Additional Veterinarian Visit Questionnaire, Malignancy Related Questionnaire and Death and Necropsy Related Questionnaire.

**If no questionnaires were submitted for that study year, then all condition values for the "reported conditions diagnosed only in that study year" (to_date value of 0) will appear blank. All aggregate rows for "all conditions diagnosed from baseline through that study year" (to_date value of 1) do not include these blank rows in the aggregate calculation.


Data is available through study year 7 due to embargo period