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This download includes one CSV file

  • wash_groom.csv

Wash Groom

At home and professional washing and grooming history including frequency and products used.

Variable Descriptions
Variable Description
subject_id Dog's unique identifier.
year_in_study Year in study the data was collected.
record_date Date of questionnaire submission.
home_wash_groom_frequency Home grooming frequency.
home_wash_groom_products_any Any home grooming products used.
home_wash_groom_products_regular_shampoo Regular shampoo used in home grooming.
home_wash_groom_products_flea_tick Fleat/tick control used in home grooming.
home_wash_groom_products_perfumed Perfumed products used in home grooming.
home_wash_groom_products_organic Organic products used in home grooming.
home_wash_groom_products_hair_skin_dye Hair/skin dye used in home grooming.
home_wash_groom_products_medicated Medicated products used in home grooming.
home_wash_groom_products_unknown Unknown what home grooming products were used.
home_wash_groom_products_other* Other products used in home grooming.
home_wash_groom_products_other_specify* Specify other home grooming products.
pro_wash_groom_frequency Professional grooming frequency.
pro_wash_groom_products_any Any professional products used.
pro_wash_groom_products_regular_shampoo Professional groomer uses regular shampoo.
pro_wash_groom_products_flea_tick Professional groomer uses flea/tick control.
pro_wash_groom_products_perfumed Professional groomer uses perfumed products.
pro_wash_groom_products_organic Professional groomer uses organic products.
pro_wash_groom_products_hair_skin_dye Professional groomer uses hair/skin dye.
pro_wash_groom_products_medicated Professional groomer uses medicated products.
pro_wash_groom_products_unknown Unknown what products professional groomer uses.
pro_wash_groom_products_other Professional groomer uses other products.
pro_wash_groom_products_other_specify Specify other professional grooming products.
wash_groom_products_other* Additional product between regular grooming.
wash_groom_products_other_specify* Specify additional products.

*'Other’ option for products not available on baseline questionnaire.


Data is available through study year 7 due to embargo period