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golden retrievers with blurred landscape background

Descriptive analysis of haemangiosarcoma occurrence in dogs enrolled in the Golden Retriever lifetime study

Alison Hillman, Brenna Swafford, Camille Delavenne, Hille Fieten, Kim Boerkamp, Kathy Tietje. Vet Comp Oncol. 21(4): 700-708 (2023).

Haemangiosarcoma is a relatively common malignant tumour in dogs, and one of the primary outcomes of interest for the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. This study collects longitudinal data and samples from a cohort of golden retrievers, with the aim of identification of nutritional, genetic, environmental, lifestyle and reproductive risk factors for cancers and other important diseases in dogs. This analysis describes the accumulating data and samples, which are available for use by researchers to fulfil the study's objectives.