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This download includes one CSV file

  • medications.csv


Prescription medication details.

Researchers can access prescription drug and over-the-counter drug by searching on active and key ingredients, rather than brand or pharmaceutical names. This allows key and active ingredient information searches to be sustainable in the long-term, particularly as brand names change or become generic, as formularies evolve.

Researchers who require drug names from the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study database have the option to submit a request via our Request for Proposals (RFP) process (Golden Retriever Lifetime Study RFP | Morris Animal Foundation). The submitting researcher will receive a follow-up communication from our scientific team following proposal review

Variable Descriptions
Variable Description
subject_id Dog's unique identifier.
year_in_study Year in study the data was collected.
record_date Date of questionnaire submission.
dose Medication dose
dose_unit Medication dose unit
dose_unit_specify If "other" medication dosage unit selected, specify
duration Medication duration
duration_unit Medication duration unit
frequency Medication frequency
frequency_specify If "other" medication frequency selected, specify
specify_days Specify Q days
specify_hours Specify Q hours
administration_method Medication administration method
administration_method_specify If "other" medication administration selected, specify
medication_ingredients Medication ingredients
status Current or previous prescription
any_medications Were any medications prescribed?


Data is available through study year 7 due to embargo period