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Banked Samples

Morris animal Foundation


This download includes one CSV file

  • banked_samples.csv

The sample inventory for the study contains clinical and tissue samples collected from annual, biopsy and necropsy visits.

Sample Details
Specimen Storage Conditions Banked Product Distribution Amount
Genomic DNA* -80 °C Aliquots adjusted to 100 ng/µL 1-5 µg
Whole blood - stored as EDTA** -80 °C 1 mL aliquots 250 µL
Serum -80 °C 1 mL aliquots & 250 µL aliquots 250 µL
Urine -80 °C 1 mL aliquots 1 mL
Feces -80 °C 1 mL aliquot per visit Discuss with study team
Tissue - stored in RNALater -80 °C Sample size less than 5 mm3 1 sample
Hair clippings -20 °C 1 sample per visit 1 sample
Nail clippings -20 °C 1 sample per visit 1 sample

*Only available for baseline visits

**Available for non-baseline visits

Banked Samples

Outline of available samples by volume, visit and sample type. Samples that have already been distributed or that are marked as reserved are not included.

Researchers who would like to request samples from the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study biobank have the option to submit a request via our Request for Proposals (RFP) process (Golden Retriever Lifetime Study RFP | Morris Animal Foundation). The submitting researcher will receive a follow-up communication from our scientific team following proposal review

Variable Descriptions
Variable Description
subject_id Dog's unique identifier.
year_in_study Year in study the sample was collected.
sample_type* Type of sample stored.
visit_type Visit sample is from - annual, biopsy, necropsy or diagnostic.
public_barcode Unique sample barcode.
aliquot 1 mL sample aliquots of serum, EDTA and urine.
sub_aliquot 250 µL sample aliquots of serum and EDTA - all samples with subaliquots have experience a freeze-thaw cycle.
fisher_receipt_date Date the sample was received at the biobank
visit_date Date of sample collection

*EDTA-A and SERUM-A are additional 1 mL samples collected at the same time and stored in the same conditions as other EDTA and SERUM samples from the same visit. Tissue samples seen include both healthy and diseased tissues


Data is available through study year 7 due to embargo period